The Technobins bolted cells with flat walls have smooth interior and are used for grain, powder, flour and free flowing products; particularly popular in the food and plastic and chemical industry.
The design is made according to DIN and EUROCODES and in compliance with ATEX and HACCP directives.
 The inner wall is perfectly SMOOTH ensuring the stored product does not stagnate, they are especially suitable for inside installations (outside they require coating or covering), They are manufactured in galvanised sheet (sendzimir and / or hot-dip), non-toxic powder painted sheet metal with kiln firing (for food), stainless steel.

Special bolts and gaskets guarantee the maintenance of the characteristics (smooth and for food).
They can be produced in single cell and battery versions with common wall (also in two rows with shared cantonal in metal or to be filled with concrete).
The wide bevel edges to prevent stagnation are a common feature of all types.
They are manufactured in various versions depending on the size and intended use.
Their shape (and construction in bolted modular panels) allows optimum use of the available space (both new and existing) and maximum flexibility.
They can be built with simple smooth sheet walls with bolted external reinforcements and / or with "sandwich" panels so as to ensure smoothness on both sides.
The hopper can have different slopes specially for poor flow products, suitable for installation of vibrating extractors and / or auger beds, etc.
The support structure can be with (also depending on the height from the ground of the discharge mouth):
-Ground pillars for single cells
-Metal structure for battery of silos
-Reinforced concrete slab for battery of silos battery
They can be equipped with descenders in order not to damage delicate products.
The main uses are cells / lungs in technological machining cycles, rapid delivery truck cells, batteries of finished machined products or by-products or waste.
Steel cells are typically used in line for wet grain (hopper with multiple outlets).
For special solutions we also manufacture cells and batteries with corrugated walls (suitable for grain products).
In large size versions we manufacture batteries with smooth "sandwich" panels (usually Farinière) already prepared to receive the sheet metal and polyurethane (or wood) panel curtains.

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