Technobins can supply COMPLETE TURNKEY PLANTS mainly in the CEREALS industry (but also in other sectors where storage is prevalent).
The company acts as prime contractor and, in addition to its own directly constructed products, it can provide transport systems, process equipment, electrical automation and assembly, testing and training services.

The experience gained by the staff in managing assembly abroad is a guarantee for the success of the work in difficult situations and in particular countries; knowledge of international shipping via container, the management of the relationship with supervisory agencies, the use where possible of local partnerships and the availability, nevertheless, of technicians to follow up the activity are our strengths for these important jobs abroad.

In plants in Italy, the staff has the experience and references that make our company one of the most qualified companies in the industry; it is aware of all the bureaucratic requirements and essential documentation for working with us.
Bidirectional collaboration with leading industry manufacturers means that we supply high quality equipment (choosing the best on the market) at extremely attractive prices thanks to the flexibility of Technobins in choosing the best strategy for each project; we have also had significant experience with plants built with separate billing of the “players” involved, assuring customers that there will be no mark ups but at the same time the work will be complete and responsibility clear.
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Technobins acts as designer and construction manager for the sections falling within its competence and provides the structural calculation reports and ATEX, VVFF, ASL, CE, safety and occupational medicine, etc. documentation. as per regulations.