Technobins can supply everything needed for the RECEPTION AREA of the raw material in grain (and / or also in flour).
The products involved in this section of the system are:

  • Roofing and curtains
  • Beams and grid driveways
  • Underlying metal hopper
  • Dust suction hood

Regarding the ROOFING, the typical solution provides for a hot-galvinised metal structure (of adequate size to accommodate the vehicles used to deliver the product) , designed to reduce dust stagnation to a minimum; cover and curtains made of galvanised and pre-painted corrugated sheet or sandwich panels (optional automatic flexible doors on both sides).
The floor for vehicle access consists of supporting beams, perimeter frames, gratings made of removable panels and trapdoors, all hot galvanised and is designed in accordance with government regulations.
The hopper below the floor grating can be completely metal (in this case the masonry is a simple tub with vertical walls) with choice of slope, smooth so as to ensure excellent flows and cleaning, completely galvanizsed.
The DUST SUCTION HOOD is made of modules, 2 metres in length, constructed of galvanised sheet metal, with all the necessary devices to optimise the work and safety (wide filtering surface, cleaning with compressed air, Atex devices, silencers, framework for automatic cleaning, etc.).
We manufacture special non-standard solutions and also, if you wish, we can provide other equipment connected to the reception area, such as (weighing bridge, sample picking, analysers) although not manufactured directly by us.
Solutions for unloading railway trucks and combined solutions for weighing and unloading the trucks themselves can also be manufactured in collaboration with specialised companies.

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