Technobins was founded in April 1995 by a group of professionals who had been working in the storage sector for years and came from SOCAMA spa, one of the most important companies of that period. All members are still involved, guaranteeing the contribution of high-level professionalism deriving from decades of experience in the sector.


Technobins srl operates in the plant engineering sector for the storage of granular and powdery products in general and in particular in the following sectors:

  • Milling
  • Cereal
  • Food
  • Animal feed and farms
  • Plastic
  • Aggregates and ceramics

Technobins can operate for the supply of silos and steel structures to end customers and to main contractors or as a supplier of the turnkey plant (complete with mechanization and electrical automation). Transformed over the years from a small reality to a more structured company, it is able to meet the increasingly complex demands that the market and production needs require, both through highly qualified internal personnel and through a network of carefully trained suppliers and expert collaborators selected over the years. Technobins performs the functions of designer and construction manager for the parts of its competence and provides the structural calculation reports and ATEX, Fire Brigade, ASL, CE, safety and occupational medicine documentation, etc. as per current regulations. Technobins collaborates with the main manufacturers of machines and plants and with many technical consultancy and design studios and has the experience to work abroad both in Europe and in developing countries both as a sub-contractor and as general contractor.


Customer care is our leitmotif: through the expertise acquired we are able to create a solution that is truly tailored to the specific needs of the customer. Technobins is the only company in Italy able to create all types of metal silos: each project is born with the aim of responding in the best possible way to a particular intended use and a specific budget.

Responsabilità is another key word: we support the customer not only during the implementation of the project and up to the testing of the plant, but also after delivery. For us, being a general contractor means building value over time, establishing a relationship based on trust, listening and assistance, even after the sale.

It is a source of great satisfaction for us to be able to count on long-standing customers, who choose Technobins again not only for maintenance but also to expand their plants or build new ones.

And finally innovation: we are a dynamic reality, we always like to accept new challenges in order to never stop growing.


In 2023 Technobins will move to a new, larger headquarters in Reggio Emilia – a 3500 m2 plant – where it will be able to take advantage of the synergies with a group of partner companies in plant design and sheet metal processing. This will make production more efficient and achieve economies of scale, because Technobins believes and continues to bet on the future.