The Technobins NEW SERIES bolted smooth panel silos are built with vertical junction of metal sheets with (to make the ferrule) those with external joint covers and horizontal joints with head to head ferrules  and with external joint covers; both made with special bolting to ensure the product does not stagnate. Each junction is protected by special seals.

The design is made according to DIN and EUROCODES and in compliance with ATEX and HACCP directives.  The inner wall is substantially SMOOTH ensuring no stagnation of the stored product, they are used for grain, flour, powders and difficult flowing products; for all products in the cereals sector (raw materials in grain, flour, by-products) in aggregates sector (sand, cement, ready-mixed mortars) in addition to plastic, wood, food and chemical sectors. They are especially suitable for internal installation (for outside they require coating or insulation).

They are manufactured in galvanised sheet (sendzimir and / or hot-dip), non-toxic powder painted sheet metal with kiln firing (for food), stainless steel and aluminium.
Special bolts and gaskets guarantee the maintenance of the characteristics (smooth and for food).
They are manufactured both in the flat bottom and hopper versions with various types of support structures.

  • Standard diameters from 1.91 to 9.55 metres up to 1,000 m3 for the flat bottom version.
  • Standard diameters from 1.91 to 7.63 metres up to 600 m3 for the hopper version.
  • Special diameters can also be manufactured on request.

The hopper can have different slopes, in the hanging version or leaning version, equipped with internal cone ventilation channels, especially for products that flow with difficulty, suitable for installation of vibrating extractors and / or auger beds, etc.
The support structure can be with (also depending on the height from the ground of the discharge mouth):

  • Ground pillars for single silos
  • Skirt to the ground with reinforced uprights (our typical solution)
  • Metal structure for battery of silos
  • Reinforced concrete slab for battery of silos battery
  • For more information and comparisons with other types of grain silos, see "Selection guide".

We also include metal silos with raised flat bottom raised (see waste or by-products of the cereal sector or for example wood chips, sawdust, pellets, etc.) in this category.
Another widespread use is for rapid delivery silos on trucks
For more information see "Selection guide".

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