Technobins manufactures MONOLITHIC SILOS in painted sheet metal or stainless steel.
The problem to be analysed for this type of product is linked to the transport from the construction workshop to the plant (of course the analysis related to product contents is taken for granted).

From the static point of view, the design is made according to DIN and EUROCODES and in compliance with ATEX and HACCP directives.
Normally in the design, the necessary lifting anchors and supports both truck loading and operation are already included in the design.
If the product is for external use, the size must be connected to that of the container if, on the other hand, it is intended for transport by truck in Italy, there are three categories:

  • below diameter of 2.40 metres
  • below diameter of 3 metres for special transport without accompanying
  • above 3 metres special transportation with accompaniment (and permits).

The quality of both external and internal finish for painted products is related to operator skill (must be done with a traditional liquid paint) and the thorough cleaning of the surfaces; particular attention must be paid to internal coatings with non-toxic products for foods.
There are no particular problems for the stainless steel version.
At present Technobins does not build monolithic silos in aluminium as there are specialised companies on the market doing this (especially for the plastics industry)

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